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Foundation Background
As the social structure becomes more diverse, demands placed on the welfare system also become more and more diverse. This Center exemplifies that trend. It was constructed mainly, but not exclusively, for the elderly, who are likely to have less opportunity for recreational activities, to provide out-of-town excursions and recreation, and better living for all residents. It was built on the site of an old abolished school, after purchasing it, on the Anmyeon-do Isle off the Taean peninsula, in Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do.

Management Policies
By remodeling the abolished school to meet the requirements of the Senior Citizen Welfare Act and the Disabled Welfare Act, the Recreation Center is provided mainly for senior citizens, but it can be used
also by other residents and employees of Gu District.
To maximize efficiency, the Gu office manages the facility directly. (It is planned to offer public input to choose a candidate for its contract management of the Center.)
It will be a resort of farm stay style, providing beautiful scenery of Anmyeondo Isle in each of the distinctive four seasons.
It will also serve as a resort for groups of company employees, organizations, youth, etc. for various meetings, seminars, trainings, etc., and it will also provide various programs, such as Your Own Garden inside the site, weekend farmers exchanges, tour promotions, and programs involving local resident.
In its vicinity, there are many places to visit including forests, beaches, cultural heritage sites, and many other places to enjoy fine food and scenery.

An Introduction to Main Facilities
Classification Facility Description of facility
Main building  1st floor  Room 

- 10 units (accommodation per unit: 5 people; floor size: 36.3㎡) 

- TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, wardrobe, washroom/shower 

Maintenance  - Facilities information, maintenance 
2nd floor  Room 

- 6 units; 1 unit can accommodate 8; 2 rooms in each unit (1 bedroom, 1 ondol room) along with the living room; floor size: 79.3㎡ 

- TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, video, water purifier, sink (single unit with kitchen utensils), dressing table, kitchen table, built-in wardrobe, washroom/shower, sofa     

Pension  1st floor  Room 

- Total 5 units; [3 units/ floor size: 36.3㎡; accommodation: 4 people, type: one-room]; [1 unit/ floor size: 49.5㎡; accommodation: 6 people; 1 room and a living room]; [1 unit/  floor size: 59.4㎡; accommodation: 6 people; 1 room and a living room]

- Common: TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, video, water purifier, sink (single unit with kitchen utensils), dressing table, washroom/shower  

- 49.5㎡/59.4㎡ : kitchen table, built-in wardrobe, sofa  

2nd floor  Room 

- Total 2 units; [1 unit/ floor size:49.5㎡; accommodation: 6; 1 room and a living room]; [1 unit/floor size: 89.2㎡; accommodation: 8; 2 rooms and a living room] 

-  TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, video, water purifier, sink (single unit with kitchen utensils), kitchen table, dressing table, built-in wardrobe, washroom-shower, sofa 

Annexed building  Hall 

- Current status: 131㎡ (40 pyeong); 120 chairs 

- Facility: broadcasting facility 

- Accommodation: 120 people  


- Current status: 85㎡ (26 pyeong); accommodation: 50 people

- Facilities: dresser, large refrigerator, kitchen table, air conditioner, cooking utensils, etc. 

Laundry room  - Washing bedclothes  
Additional facilities 

- Family Noraebang (singing establishment): 4 rooms  

- Bicycles for hiking: 15 units

- Barbeque grill: 11 units 


- Facilities for relaxation: pergola, summerhouse, bench, children's playground

- Sports facilities: barefoot massage path, badminton court,  foot volleyball court , basketball court 

Sales of special products  - Exhibition and sales of local products  

  Location and Contact Information
Address :
123-2 Sinya-ri, Anmyoen-eup, Taian-gun, Choongnam (Old Anjung Elementary School, Sinya Branch)
Enquiries :
Donjak-gu Office Social Welfare Dept: 820- 1677~8 · Donjak-gu Senior Citizen Resort: Tel (041) 673-7907~8, Fax (041) 673-7909
Drive Route :
Seoul->Enter West Coast Expressway->West Sea Grand Bridge-> Hongseong IC-> Towards Anmyeon Island. Sea Dyke A->Sea Dyke B->Anmyeon Island-> Changgi-ri->Anmyeon-eup->Jungjang-ri-> Jungjang-ri 3-way Intersection (Samgeori) (Towards Saitbyeol Beach)->(3.5km) ->Resort (Sinya-ri)
Public Transportation :
Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal->Seosan∪Taeahn->Anmyeon-eup. Take either local bus or taxi From Anmyeon-eup to the Resort (In the village of Sinya-ri).