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Date : Oct. 8-9(2days), every year
Location : Sayuksin Park, Dongjak Cultural Welfare Center
Qualification : Descents of Sayuksin, Confucian Scholars, any Gu resident.
On Oct., 9 every year, the Memorial Ceremony is held for Sayuksin(6 Loyal Subjects) of Seong Sam Mun, Yi Gai, Ha Ui Ji Yu Seong Won, etc, who were killed when their plan to reinstate the King Danjong, at the Euijeol Temple, where they keep their memorial tablets.

Also, on the eve of Memorial Ceremony day(Oct., 8), a big event is held to commemorate their loyalty and noble spirit, and it includes various cultural programs, such as Ssalpuli Dance, Samulnorigut, Pansori, and the Dance Play reenacting the Plan to reinstate the King Danjong.
Subway :
Noryangjin Station (Line No. 1)

General (Ilban) City Bus Lines :
All buses en route to Noryangjin-ro.
111, 140, 25, 95, 85-1, 289 (Get off at the Sayuksin Tomb Stop on Noryangjin-ro.)