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The National Memorial Board (National Cemetery), located at Dongjak-dong, is the sacred place for Koreans, where patriots who gave their lives for the country rest in peace. It's located on a beautiful piece of land covering about 1.7 million sq. yards, with three sides surrounded by mountains with Gongjakbong Peak in the middle, and the other side by the picturesque Hangang iver flowing by, and the surrounding landscape makes it a highly favorable location with regard to Fengsui.

The Jangchungsa Temple in the Jangchungdan Park had been the Armed Forces Cemetery for soldiers who gave their lives for their country from the foundation of the modern Korean Armed Forces until the end of the Korean War, however, on July 15, 1955, the Korean
Armed Forces Cemetery Post was set up to establish and maintain the new Armed Forces Cemetery at the current location in Dongjak-dong. On April 13, 1956, the Armed Forces Cemetery Act was established, so that all the tombs of dead soldiers, scattered all over the country, can be moved to this cemetery. Initially, only the soldiers and military staff were allowed to rest here permanently, but, on March 30, 1965, it became the sacred National Cemetery for all Korean people, the permanent resting place for not only soldiers but also patriots, policemen, army reserves, and all others who died in service of their country. On June 1, 1996, the Armed Forces Cemetery Post was officially renamed the National Memorial Board. As of May 31, 2003, it is the permanent resting place for 2 Presidents, 17 Officers of Provisional Government, 1693 martyrs, 120 National Medal Recipients, 513 generals, 73,919 officers and soldiers, and 2,886 policemen, in addition to 108,793 Memorial Tablets.
Subway :
Dongjak Station (Line No. 4 Exit No. 2, 4)
Dongjak Station (Line No. 9 Exit No. 8)

General (Ilban) City Bus Lines :
No. 361, No. 362, No. 363, No. 4511, No. 5524, No. 6411, No. 9408, No. 9412(Get off at the Seoul National Cemetery)

Deluxe (Jwasok) City Bus Lines :
No. 642 (Get off at the Seoul National Cemetery)