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Bon-dong was the name of the village since the Joseon Period and it means 'the original village' of Noryangjin. In 1914, the Japanese combined three villages and called them 'bon-dong-ri', which was later changed to Bon-dong.

The former Sanggachasan-ri Village is the area around the Noryangjin branch of Kookmin Bank in Bon-dong 207-2 and the Hagachasan-ri Village is the addresses 12, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31 in Bon-dong and is also called the Gachilmok.
Gachilmok is the oldest village in Bon-dong situated on the banks of the Hangang River. A long time ago, the village would flood when the waters of the Hangang River rose. There was a time when many people with contagious diseases were quarantined here.

Seonangdangi Gogae Ridge
This ridge is west of Maebongjae. There used to be a shrine of a tutelary deity here where the villagers would pray for peace and prosperity. Originally in Bon-dong there were two other such shrines. One was behind the Minjeolseowon (Memorial Hal)l and the other behind the Sayuksinmyo (Tombs).