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National Treasure No. 141
Location: Korea Christianity Museum in the Soongsil University
It is a copper mirror with a diameter of 21.2cm, made in the Bronze Age, which was discovered at the site in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do. There are two knobs on its back, and it consists of inner, middle, and outer sections, and each section contains inclined line triangle writings and diagonal triangle writings, both designed in concentric format, and it is longitudinally interlocked in the outer section, and horizontally in the middle section. In the inner section it is divided into 4 parts, and the interlocks of both longitudinal and horizontal directions are placed diagonally. On the outer section, 8 concentric circles are shown with each pair of two on
the four sides: upper, lower, right, and left. This is why it is called Danyusemungyeong, which means a mirror with fine writings on many sections.
The mirror is made of so-called white copper, which contains a lot of tin, so that it can reflect light more effectively. The Danyusemungyeong is one of the most prominent relics, which shows the typical characteristics of the Bronze Age culture in the north. This is the most delicate Danyusemungyeong among all that have been discovered. It is thought that the triangle writing on this mirror was used to pray for rebirth during incantations.
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Seoul Univ. Station (Line No. 2 Exit No. 7), Take Bongcheon Gogae Ridge bound city buses, and get off at the Soongsil Univ. Station Stop (Takes 7 minutes)

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