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The local council holds resolutions of legislation, revision and abolish-ment of an ordinance. Also, it has deliberation, confirmation, settlement, acknowledgement of budget. It can engage in policy execution by agreement and acknowledgement upon important issues.

Besides it inspects and surveys activities of administrative office work. It has control over administrative execution of the authority by means of accepting petition.
Legislation, Revision and Abolishment of Ordinance
Deliberation, Confirmation, Settlement and Acknowledgement of Budget
Right of Supervising and Examining Administration Desk Work
Reception and Process of Petition
Other Determinations by the Council
Legislation, Revision and Abolishment of Ordinance
For the ordinance is a law form legislated through local council resolution by the local government, Dongjak District's ordinance may be called the law of
Dongjak District.

Since the ordinance may be legislated only within the scope of law concerning the office work, it shall not violate the law and shall not contain contents unfavorable to inhabitants beyond the regulation of the law.

The current law specifies that " When deciding issues such as restrictions
on inhabitant's right, or charging of liability mandation of the law is required. "
In addition, the local governmemt may levy fine under 10,000,000 won onto breach of the ordinance.

Deliberation, Confirmation, Settlement and Acknowledgement of Budget
Budget can be referred as one year's expenditure estimate of Dongjak District. To execute Dongjak District's administration faily and efficiently, rationalization of fiscal system is essential. Therefore, Dongjak District Council follow strict examination and decision procedures so that the tax paid by inhabitants may be disposed may not be abused. In addition,settlememt is a system confirming whether a fiscal year's budget should be legally and rationally disposed, which requires acknowledgememt of the council.

Right of Supervising and Examining Administration Desk Work
Dongjak District may prescribe 7 or less days against Dongjak District during annual regular meeting, to grasp disposition state of general administrative desk work. More over the council may point out erroneous part and request correction of it, through acquisition of data and information required for council administration and budget examination. In addition, the council may have this special committee or standing committee examine the fact on specific subject among administrative affairs and ask correction or establish remedies by making a proposition with joint signature of more than one third of registered members to exert selfgoverning legislative power, authority over self administrstive finance, and control power against executive section efficiently and appropria-tely.

If needed, the council may perform site investigation or ask submission of documemts for administration desk work examination and audit. The council may have district head, concerned officials or responsible person attend to the meeting to testimony or state opinion as a witness.

Anyone who acted perjury can be prosecuted. If a witness who was asked to attend does not persent or refuse to attend without reasonable cause, 5 million won or less fine may be levied.

Head of Dongjak District or concerned official may attend Dongjak District Council or its committee to report proceedings of administrative desk work or state opinion and reply to questions.

Reception and Process of Petition
Petition is a system that inhabitants of a district submit their wishes and improvements concerning district administration.

In a case corresponding to the following, petition may be made.
- to relieve damage
- to ask correction of an official's injustice or disciplinary disposition or punis hmemtagainst an official
- to enact, revise or abolish the Law or Ordinance
- operation of public system or facility
- other issues being subordinate to the authority of public institutions

However, petition concerning interference in judgement or profanity against the country shall not be received.

Other Determinations by the Council
- Levy and collection of rent, fee, allotment, local tax or subscription except re gulated by the Law.
- Installation and operation of a fund
- Acquisition and disposition of major property
- Installation, operation and disposition of public facility
- Waiver of liability or rights other than budget except regulated by the Law or regulations.
- Issues belonging to the authority of other Laws.