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Election of Council Members and Their Duties
- District council members are representatives of inhabitants elected by general·equal·direct·secret election.
  Dongjak District Council is composed of 17 members.
Term of Members
- The term of members shall be 4 years.
- The term of the third council's members beginning since July 1, 2010, will expire on June 30, 2014.
Term of Members
- Members of local council shall execute their duty for the good of public profit to all on one's conscience.
- Members of local council shall lead an honest life  and  keep their dignity as member.
- Members of local council shall not abuse their position to gain right·profit for gaining property or position by
  entering into a contract with or disposing of a local government, a public association or an enterprise or offer
  an acquisition for others. In addition, they shall not hold concurrent job specified in Article 33 of the Local
  Self government Law.
District Organization
President·Vice President of Council
- Each one out of members is elected by a secret vote for president and vice president.  Their term lasts
  2 years, the president of council shall represent the council, arrange council adminisation, keep order
  in the process of the council meeting, supervise the business of the council, and the vice-head shall
 assume duty of the president  in case of an unexpected accident.
- The council shallorgannize Standing Committee and Special Committee unter control. Standing Committee of
   Dongjak District Council is executive committee, etc. in accordance with task concerned of an executive
   institution and processes bills and petitions. Spocial Committee may be organized by resolution of the Main
   Council in case that the subject is related with more than one of competent standing committees or the survey
   for special cases is required.
Executive Office
- To support parliamentary activities of council members,   the  district  installs chief executive office, committee
   adviser, section of council administration, section of proceedings, section of bills, and other staffs.