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Country : Canada
City : Surrey
Date of Setting up Sisterhood Relationship :Nov. 1st   2000
Location : in Vancouver southeast of British Columbia , close to Washington D.C. of the United States.
Area : 301.76 ㎢ (18.5 times bigger than that of Dongjak-gu) Characteristics
- It is easy to approach to the markets in the United States as being located near the
- United States . And it is also advantageous to be used as the foundation to exploit
- the markets in North America as Canada joined in NAFTA.
- It has plenty of lands as the broadest area among cities of Vancouver
- It has been jointly developing Cambell Heights Science Park in about 2.4 Million
- Pyeong (About 7.933.884 m 2 ) with federal government.
Main Industries : Forestry and TourismOther Features
Education 3 Universities(over college levels), 17 middle and high schools, 92 elementary schools, 23 private schools
Culture and Leisure More than 400 parks are in 3,000 acres(about 3.67 Million Pyeong) as widely as being called “ City of Park, Surrey " . Many parks are preserved as their original status.
Main Facilities More than 450 medical centers and dentists are located including Bountery Public Health Center .
Federal police (RCMP) is in charge of public peace.
Exchange Activity History
Feb. 17th 2000 Recommended as the city available for exchanges to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
May. 31st 2000 Notified to General Consulate in Vancouver , Canada ? The mayor of Surrey planned to visit Korea in the early August.
July. 22nd 2000 Invited the mayor and other councilors.
Aug. 7th 2000 The mayor of Surrey , Doung McCallum visited the ward office
Oct. 31st 2000 The representatives of Dongjak-gu economy groups(Headed by Ward Chief) visited Surrey
- Made 『 Friendly cooperation agreement 』 <Visit from Oct. 31 st to Nov. 5 th
City of Surrey site :