Dongjak the Prestigious City Oriented by Good People

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Management Direction

Dongjak-gu, armed with Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • - Beefing up security at public facilities (government office buildings, roads and daycare centers)
  • - Reducing blind spots by increasing CCTV cameras in vulnerable areas
  • - Coming up with flood prevention schemes, such as improving sewer pipes and building rainwater recycling facilities
  • - Improving the regional environment using the CPTED method
  • - Increasing LED lighting in and around such areas as unfrequented alleys and parking lots
  • - Setting up SOS alarms designed to immediately report any emergency situation to CCTV control centers or police stations
  • - Carrying out safety drills on a regular basis and creating safe jobs
  • - Refurbishing park facilities to prevent landslides
  • - Replacing the floors of playgrounds with eco-friendly ones
The needs of mothers will be met.
  • - An array of services designed for expectant mothers will be provided, from the point of pregnancy all the way through to delivery
  • - Establishing infant care centers
  • - Expanding public daycare centers
  • - Improving the way public child care centers are operated
  • - Using eco-friendly tableware
  • - Enacting a set of regulations under which schools and daycare centers should provide radiation-free meals
  • - Operating an addiction prevention center at schools
A wide range of welfare systems will be put in place.
  • - Covering blind spots in welfare services and forming welfare associations
  • - Establishing psychology counseling centers and running suicide prevention programs
  • - Increasing nursing homes for the elderly and reinforcing their operations
  • - Expanding special funds allotted to give monetary awards to elderly people who enjoy longevity and increasing funds for expenses incurred in operating nursing homes
  • - Establishing a disabled-centered welfare system and facilities for the handicapped
  • - Providing sports & healthcare services
  • - Holding multicultural festivals on a yearly basis, such as a charity bazaar and cultural performances
I will push forward with "people-centered" urban development.
  • - Building a so-called "Do Dream City," a city that houses the Jangseungbaegi administration town and the Noryangjin Culture & Commerce Complex
  • - Expanding and improving the business zone
  • - Accepting opinions from residents about any reconstruction or redevelopment projects
  • - Improving quality of life and living conditions
  • - Actively engaging in relieving the parking problems in residential areas
I will revitalize the local economy, especially in undeveloped regions.
  • - Creating jobs for the elderly
  • - Running socioeconomic support centers
  • - Operating training programs for the retired elderly and the unemployed and providing job information
  • - Running programs aimed at enhancing women's empowerment
  • - Expanding funds and aid to foster small
  • - and medium-sized corporations
  • - Developing the Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, along with its modernization
  • - Coming up with measures to revitalize nearby traditional markets
I will establish a "high-quality" infrastructure for education and cultural activities.
  • - Increasing educational subsidies for kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools
  • - Proceeding with the development of a cultural complex in Daebang-dong, where the American Army base used to be
  • - Developing educational programs in cooperation with three universities
  • - Holding a variety of "community-driven" festivals and cultural events
  • - Solidifying cultural centers and expanding their cultural programs
I will shake up the administrative system.
  • - Restructuring the personnel system with a "practice-based" and "merit-based" personnel system
  • - Eradicating illegalities and corruption by introducing a "one-strike-and-you're-out" system
  • - Reexamining local laws and regulations
  • - Revitalizing the civil participatory budget system
  • - Reinforcing a consultative group that consists of residents
  • - Reinforcing a civil watchdog, mainly run by housewives, for example by holding evaluation meetings on a regular basis
  • - Holding a town meeting and gathering a variety of opinions before a yearly project plan is decided