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Welcome to the official website of Dongjak-gu, a place that is home to historical sites emblematic of the national royalty (충,忠) and filial piety (효, 孝).

My name is Lee Chang-woo, and I am the mayor of this wonderful part of Seoul.

I believe that being given this privileged opportunity to serve as the district major reflects the long-awaited achievement of the people’s wishes to make Dongjak-gu a younger and better place.

As mayor, I will always keep in mind their wishes and will make an all-out effort to turn Dongjak-gu into the most vibrant place to live in.

"The most vibrant Dongjak-gu" means a place where every single individual in the community can lead a decent life, socially, economically, and of course humanly.

It's a place where all are happy, as they are treated equally, and those who have experienced failure in their lives are given a second chance, not letting a single person fall behind.

To this end, I will help to create more jobs and enhance housing welfare, education and childcare. And I promise you that I will revitalize the local economy and will put in place solid crime prevention and security systems across the region.

First and foremost, however, it's your participation that will make this happen. Your help and participation are needed.

This website is a place to share a wide range of information on how Dongjak-gu is governed and to receive your opinions.

Any ideas or suggestions will be welcomed. I will listen to you and do my best to make Dongjak-gu the most pleasing place in the nation, where every single person feels happy.
Thank you.

Moon Chung-sil, mayor of Dongjak-gu